Saturday, May 02, 2009

Jack Mackenroth fabulous @ 40

Yesterday, C and I attended the 40th birthday bash of Jack Mackenroth at the Star Lounge which is in the basement of the fabled Chelsea Hotel on West 23rd St.

Jack, whom you will recognize from Project Runway and from here, is rather a New York City homme du moment and is radiant proof that being positively forty is hot.

Here is Jack with Jesse Sanchez who is a producer with CBS in Miami. Doesn't it call to mind this photo by Weegee?

Here are Bret (with one t, and what appears to be only one blue eye) and Joe who lives in Long Island City which is closer to Manhattan than most folks assume. Bret designs children's accessories and Joe is an art director with a large pharmaceutical. Why in this economic time are these two fellows apologetic about their employment? Earning a living in a creative position while so many others are losing their jobs is no mean accomplishment. Plus, could they manage to be any cuter? (Joe holds the title of Jack Mackenroth roommate 2007-08. A collectible series available through the Franklin Mint.)

The guest list included many prominent producers of beautiful images (both still and moving) and many of the models and performers in those images, with a subset of those who are in both camps.

Here are Ryan, Frank Louis, Frantz and Mark. Frank is one of my favorite photographers and if you don't go to this page of his website to view the (somewhat NSFW) photos of Jack, Ryan, Frantz and Mark, you are a fool.

The glamorous Enrique Ramirez, who knows that healthy skin is hot, kept things lively.

And we had a rollicking good time with the stellar Michaelann.

Here are the smoldering Alon and Amin who are just the right size for C and me.

And to the to-die-cute Staten Island lad nursing a drink at the juncture of the two rooms who told us that he has a dog who demands his nightly return and that the hour and a half trip to his front door never seems to dissuade men from accompanying him home, we say bravo and use it before you lose it.

As the recently returned Samantha said in the Sex and the City movie, "God, I miss New York".

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Anonymous kitchenbeard said...

As do I.... as do I.

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