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Enrique Ramirez Of Face To Face Day Spa Talks Treatments, Anal Bleaching And Gay Marriage

Posted: 17th Feb 2010 Author: Queeried Topics: Beauty

enrique ramirez Enrique Ramirez Of Face To Face Day Spa Talks Treatments, Anal Bleaching And Gay Marriage

Hailing from Mexico, Enrique Ramirez is the founder and owner of New York’s very trendy day spa, face to face nyc, one of the few spas around thr world  that specializes in men’s skin. Hidden within a quiet, ordinary building located in the New York’s Flatiron District, this strikingly modern, yet minimalistic spa offers a range of both men’s and women’s treatments, including everything from A-rated massages and skincare therapies to waxings, sunless tanning treatments and slimming body wraps.

World-famous for how he has taken what was once a clandestine and unnecessarily awkward luxury for men and shown that men too can, and deserve to be pampered without having to feel ashamed of it, Erique now has a host of celebrity clients, including actor and comedian Neil Patrick Harris and news and weather anchor Sam Champion. Featured on the NBC Today Show, Howard Stern Show and is a recurring skincare expert on SiriusXM Radio’s “Derek & Romaine” and LA Talk Radio’s “Question Reality with Priscilla Leona.”, Enrique has also been featured in close to 100 mainstream beauty, skincare and fashion publications for his consummate knowledge.

Welcome to Queeried, Enrique!

Thank you kindly for this fun opportunity!!!

Please tell us a little bit about your background.

Well, I started face to face nyc – day spa six years ago today. It’s been a fun ride!! Prior to that I worked for Bliss Spa for eight years and I loved that as well. I got to meet so many A-list Hollywood celebrities and before that I worked for a famous dermatologist.

enrique ramirez1 Enrique Ramirez Of Face To Face Day Spa Talks Treatments, Anal Bleaching And Gay Marriage

You have a very successful spa in New York City, and it’s your 6-year anniversary this year. Are you excited?

Very excited!!!! I have to admit, when the recession hit, I got very nervous that I would become a statistic but luckily, our loyal clients have kept us surprisingly busy.

Because the spa industry is a mostly female-centric market, and you’re a man, did you get any backlash when you started face to face nyc?

At first, I focused on the gay community and that helped me tremendously. There are very few male spa technicians offering facials, waxing or grooming treatments to gay men. Or was it the opposite–a more positive reception? Six years later, everyone is coming to see me. Men as well as women and that makes me very happy. If I had focused on women from the beginning, I would have a harder time to get the spa off the ground. Women still shy away from male spa technicians.

face to face nyc Enrique Ramirez Of Face To Face Day Spa Talks Treatments, Anal Bleaching And Gay Marriage

What is your spa’s most popular treatment?

Facials and waxing are our most sought-out treatments. Our Boot Camp Facial and Y-Chromosome are the favorites of our clients and in terms of waxing, below the belt is the most requested. Guys, like women, are now seeing the fun side of smoothness in that terrain. What about massage? Massage Without Borders is the most requested! It’s a deep tissue massage with loads of stretching techniques to remove tension, knots and tightness all around.

What is your personal favorite treatment?

Forget Me Knots and Betty Ford Treatment are my favorites. They both combine massage and facial. The Betty Ford, I wrap you in a warm cocoon to have you sweat off toxins. It’s best to book this treatment after a weekend of heavy drinking and partying.

Your spa was one of the first in the country to introduce the very risque, but entirely safe treatment of anal bleaching. Were you scared about announcing this?

Very nervous!!! I didn’t know how people were going to react from this unusual treatment. I was extremely surprised how New Yorkers especially, reacted to this. I received tons of letters accusing me of being sick!!! Many writers and bloggers made fun of me as well. I wanted to take it back but, I stuck it out and eventually all the negative comments and press went away. I now have a good amount of Anal Bleaching cult following.

What kind of impact did introducing this new treatment have on your clientele?

I truly believe that I lost some clients from this. During the Fall of 2007, I was in many Manhattan magazines so I really couldn’t hide it. I even removed it from our web site for a few months until the storm ended. A few regular clients did comment in a negative way when anal bleaching was introduced and suddenly they disappeared with no explanation.

enriqueramirez1 Enrique Ramirez Of Face To Face Day Spa Talks Treatments, Anal Bleaching And Gay Marriage

What is better for your skin — a colder climate or hotter?

I personally prefer the cold –I am from Chicago. The cold tightness the skin and it gives it a taut look to it. I personally feel that summer skin with a tan makes you look older however, the warm weather makes your skin perspire and a minor film of sweat makes the skin look healthy and sexy at the same time. They both bring skin concerns. The important thing is that you seek a local spa to get a facial and a proper at-home product recommendation that is useful with the climate which you reside.

In terms of daily or weekly skincare routines, what would you recommend for each climate?

Broad spectrum sunblock is a must for all skin at any climate to use during the day. Cleansing mask with clay and a gentle facial scrub to use weekly keeps you skin looking fresh and reduces debris build up. Nighttime moisturizer for all with no SPF! At night, the skin repairs and regenerates and it’s very important to add vitamins and minerals to assist with the regeneration process. These are some general recommendations. I would recommend to your readers to seek the advice of an esthetician to have her/him recommend the appropriate products that will benefit their skin. Some may need more moisture while others may need vitamins to repair sun damage.

Any plans to release a line of products in the future?

I’m working on that at the moment. Don’t want to give away any secrets just yet. At least until I’m close to launch the brand.

Do you listen to any particular music to get you going at work, or in your personal life?

I love Sarah Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald and Billy Holiday!! I play them a lot at work and on my iPod. I don’t get tired of them. The music I play at the spa has that jazzy feeling to it. Waterfall music makes me want to run to the urinal.

enriqueramirez Enrique Ramirez Of Face To Face Day Spa Talks Treatments, Anal Bleaching And Gay Marriage

Proposition 8 in California, and the gay marriage battle in general, are very big issues for our community right now. How do you feel about it?

I truly believe that it’s only a matter of time when all Americans will share equal rights. In the meantime, its important for all gay men and lesbians to come out of the closet and share their proud lives with anyone at work or at home. Closeted people only harm our political movement.

Does your spa work with any specific charitable causes?

I work closely with HIV/AIDS charities. I help out as much as I can. I’ve lost many friends and I’ll do anything to help stop that death stream.

Do you have any new treatments coming out at face to face nyc that we should be aware of?

Yes, I just created one called Micro Peel Groovy Facial. It’s designed for those who visit me occasionally and by that I mean once or twice a year. Many New Yorkers get caught up in their personal lives and forget to take care of themselves or their skin.

Thanks so much Enrique! It’s a pleasure to have you.

Thank you again for inviting me!!! I really appreciate it.

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