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Face to face with Chelsea spa owner Enrique Ramirez

March 12, 8:42 PMChelsea Beauty ExaminerCandice Jackson
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Services at face to face spa in NYC's Chelsea area include skin care, body treatments, hair removal and massage.

Here face to face spa owner Enrique Ramirez answers a few questions about himself, the spa and his new MUST HAVE Micro Peel Groovy Facial!

CJ: Enrique, you're from the Chicago area. What made you leave Chicago to come to NYC?

ER: Honestly, I was coming out of a not-so-healthy relationship and I needed to move out of Chicago. I was supposed to stay in New York for one year and move back but, 18 years later I'm still here and I wouldn't leave New York. I'm such a New Yorker now!

CJ: How long have you been the owner of face to face spa?

Six years and counting. I started face to face nyc - day spa in February 2004. I was at a previous location for 2 years and in March 2006, I moved to the current location of 20 West 20th Street and brought on board several spa technicians to help me out with the demand.

CJ: What was your first job in the spa industry?

I started working as a Massage Therapist first. As a massage therapist, I worked in many spas in the Manhattan area including Bliss. That was one of the perks that appealed to me when I signed up for Massage Therapy School in 1996- the work freedom.

CJ: Besides your own place did you have any favorite places you enjoyed working?

ER: I have to say, that working at Housing Works with HIV/AIDS clients, was the most rewarding and the most fun. Their clients gave me unconditional love.

CJ: Do you have many celebrity clients?

I prefer not to disclose names for risk on ending up on the National Inquirer or Page 6, although, both can be very funny. However, I don't think my clients would appreciate that.

CJ: Who are some of your  favorite celebrities that you have worked with in the past or want to work with in the future?

Oh so many of them. My favorite was certainly Ellen. She is amazing and very funny even in person. We were laughing the entire time during the facial. Jennifer Coolidge was also one of my favorites. I'll never forget the time I ruined Natasha Richardson's sunless tanning. It was 2 days before Cannes festival. She was not happy!! In my defense, it was the beginning of my career, now it is one of my favorite treatments. Isabella Rosellini's skin is flawless and Alanis Morissette is so awesome. I like chatty celebrities, many are quiet and reserved and I'm so inquisitive and enjoy hearing behind the scenes stories. I'd love also like to meet Lindsay Lohan or Adam Lambert! I think I'd get along well with both.

CJ: face To face is in New York City’s Chelsea area; Who are your usual clients?

Most of my clients are men but, my female following is growing fast and furious and I'm very happy about that! Women are more vocal than men and one of my weaknesses is that I love to chat and get to know my clients personally. I'd hate for clients to feel rushed when they come to see me or get an impersonal vibe from my touch.

CJ: At Face To Face you use Decleor skin care. Is this the only skin care line you use? If so, why?

During a facial, I use Decleor Paris and I combine with other favorite products that I know work and provide results. Many beauty products do not give the result they claim.

CJ: What is your best-selling product for clients to use at home?

Yonka and Skinceuticals are the most popular with my clients. I can't seem to keep them in stock. In terms of Decleor Paris, my clients really love the entire line from the cleansers to the moisturizers.

CJ: So what’s you’re MUST HAVE, can’t live without product?

I can't live without my Skin Energisant Visage moisturizer by Decleor for Men, or the Steep Clean mask by Bliss, or my Strawberry flavored Chapstick. I also never leave home without my HIS bronzer to cover up any flaws. I really enjoy going out to dinner, parties or any other social events and I need my skin to look its best. I always do a cleansing mask before I go out to give my skin a natural glow.

CJ: What’s the one thing you wish clients would do between visits but don’t?

I wish clients would stay out of the sun and use a hydrating mask.

CJ: And what if anything else?

Stop using their daytime moisturizer at night! I find that very frustrating. SPF ingredients work wonders to protect your skin but at the same time it clogs the skin. Remove your SPF moisturizer at night and use one rich in vitamins and minerals. A simple 10 minute clay mask once a week is perfect! It keeps blackheads or breakouts at bay and PLEASE don't pick at you’re acne.

CJ: With Spring fast approaching can you share your best skin tips for the winter into spring season?

Come and see me or your favorite esthetician to get a deep pore cleansing facial with a super hydrating mask. This is the time I recommend a facial when we the seasons change. Winter leaves the skin dry and crunchy similar to an Autumn leaf. I would recommend Microdermabrasion or a Peel to remove any Winter skin and with Spring coming, dewy skin is a must! Try my new facial: The Micro Peel Groovy Facial.*

CJ: Your ads are pretty racy. What made you choose that concept?

The spa industry is very competitive and I needed to stand out from the rest. I also specialize in skincare so it was important to show healthy-looking skin in my ads.

CJ: So who are all those fabulous looking models?

Some of them were found through Craig’s List and some of them are friends. Both female models are successful models and they are both so sweet.

CJ: How do clients react to the ads if at all? 

ER: The ads certainly raise eyebrows!

CJ: Was there any negative feedback?

Clients do comment how they cannot book an appointment at work since they think is rather “porn-looking”. That makes me laugh. I’m grateful for Blackberry and the iPhone! My clients can use these devices to book with us without having to use their work computer.

CJ: When you’re not busy with clients and the spa what do you do for fun? Do you have any hobbies or a favorite past time?

I spend a lot of time at the gym and also play volleyball twice a week. This may sound crazy but, I enjoy going to local drugstores to test new products. I recently bought a semi-professional camera; I will be taking a lot of pictures of my dog Louis and hope to spend time in Central Park taking pictures. I love nature!

CJ: Are you involved in any charitable events?

I work with several local Manhattan HIV/AIDS charities. I’ve lost many friends to AIDS so this is a very dear cause to me.

CJ: What’s next for you?

I don't know just yet. I'd like to move to a larger area where I can add spa amenities such as a steam room or a locker room. I may have to sit down with my business advisors first.


face to face spa is a charming and elegant, boutique size spa located at 20 West 20th Street,?Suite 603,?New York City 10011?

Book your appointment by calling 212.633.0404

Check them out on the web:


Facebook them!

The *Micro Peel Groovy Facial is for those who only get their skin and pores cleansed once or twice a year! Two mega-cleansing technologies are combined- microdermabrasion crystals and a gentle dose of our Retinol peel.

This relaxing and refreshing facial is 100 minutes long and includes a fabulous hand and arm massage. The cost is very reasonable at $230

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