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Micro Peel Groovy Facial
Facial designed for people with a fast lifestyle - and by that we mean those who only get their skin and pores cleansed once or twice a year! We combine two mega-cleansing technologies: microdermabrasion crystals and a gentle dose of our Retinol peel. Beware fine lines, sun damage, uneven skin tone and blackheads!
90 minutes $260

Y-Chromosome Facial
This facial is dedicated to hippest guys in town! Oversees guy-related concerns such as ingrown hairs, razor burn, and stubborn debris from lack of at-home skin maintenance. Microdermabrasion is included for better 'homme renovations'.
75 minutes $180

Super O2 Facial
Invigorating and energizing facial for dull, gray and fatigued skin. Treatment begins with a diligent purification of the skin using a refining facial scrub mixed with a lactic acid milky cleanser. Then, we use hot towels, a double process of oxygen-based masks and vigorous facial massage to stimulate blood circulation and toxin removal. Smokers, frequent-fliers or city slickers take note!
75 minutes $180

The Alchemy Treatment
Microdermabrasion meets Microcurrent! The best treatment for saggy skin, oily T-zones, age spots, sun damage... actually, good for any schizophrenic skin. Treatment begins with our most popular chum, microdermabrasion. After a 2 pass sweep to remove bumps on the 'road', and pre-extraction oxygen mask, extractions come in to place. After plenty of pore purging including ears, neck and upper chest if needed, microcurrent is used as a 'wake up call' for your facial muscles. So relaxing that we have a dolly handy to wheel you home...
80 minutes $260

Freshman Facial
This basic facial is excellent for those new to skincare and pampering.  Includes cleansing, exfoliation, mild extractions and a skin-type mask to finish.  Neck, arm and shoulder massage included.
60 minutes $130

Boot Camp Facial
Enlist in this treatment to combat oil, breakouts or acne associated with harsh city living.   After a deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, and lots of extractions, treatment is completed with a face massage and an oil control mask.  No more shiny complexion, Soldier!
60 minutes $140

Back / Chest Treatment
"Facial" for the back or chest.  Excellent for unsightly breakouts!  This relaxing back treatment will clean every clogged pore with extractions and a highly concentrated body peel.  Light massage to shoulders and neck included.
60 minutes $150
with Microdermabrasion $210

NY Minute Treatment
For today's busy person, this fast and fabulous treatment combines mini-microdermabrasion with an oxygen mist to put you back on track in no time!
30 minutes $140

Fully-Charged Facial
Wrestling with Triple S? Sallow, Saggy and Sluggish skin? Let's fight back with the latest in anti-gravity using a minute electrical current to lift and tone facial muscles. Put your plastic surgeon on hold and sign up for a series of treatments!
60 minutes $160

Youth-Awakening Facial
Sign up for this wildest age-erasing treatment! Double whammy of exfoliation with 20% Glycolic Acid and Microdermabrasion to fight enemies that invade the skin after a certain age. Caviar mask for an excellent collagen boost included.
60 minutes $175

Facial Add-Ons

Downtown Peel
A powerful exfoliant with Glycolic Acid will soften and retexture skin.  Excellent for acne prone, matured and sun damaged skin.  Not recommended for Retin-A or Accutane users.


Microdermabrasion Add-on

Micro Current Add-on

Fountain of Youth Mask
For the skin with a droopy complex.

Fruit Acid Peel
Removes superficial layer of dull cells.

Zit Control Mask

Nip and Tuck
Lift your aging sins away.

Lightening Mask
To repair uneven skin color.

Oxygen Dew
Anti-wrinkle, anti-oxidant, anti-stress.

Collagen Ampoule
Boost of collagen to rebuild skin foundation.

Rejuvenating Eye Treatment
Decongest and reduce puffiness.

Brow, Nose, Ear, Lip or Chin Waxing
See our Hair Removal page for prices.

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