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Massage Therapy

The Buff Rub Dew
This über-organic body rub begins with a gentle body exfoliation to remove the tough outer layer, followed by a sprint rinse. A relaxing massage continues using warm body milk with proteins and plant oils to melt knots and deliver moisture. Hard and dry bodies take a number for a 'love me dew' transformation.
75 minutes $160

Massage without Borders
This massage combo package has everything a massage addict expects - and more! Package comes with serious deep tissue techniques to demolish knots and realign your back. Also, plenty of muscle stretching ("tighty-whities" encouraged for better yoga-like stretches) and foot massage to rebuild heels and metatarsals. Good treatment to combine with your personal training!
100 minutes $240

Feng Shui Massage
A relaxation massage combining Swedish and Shiatsu techniques to relax tight muscles, reduce stress and improve circulation.
60 minutes $130

Ultimate Massage
The best treatment for athletes or weekend warriors.  This deep tissue massage is excellent for stubborn knots or tangled muscles.  Will leave you feeling revitalized and ready to face the next challenge.
70 minutes $150

Stress Busting Massage
This aromatic massage targets stress using essential oils.  Oils can be custom made to address unbalanced emotions such as fatigue, lethargy, hangover, etc.
90 minutes $180

Back-to-Back Massage
This massage is designed to focus solely on the back, neck and shoulders.
60 minutes $120

Mommy Dearest Massage
A relaxing massage to alleviate body discomfort associated with pregnancy such as edema, back and joint pain.
70 minutes $135

Rubbing Express
30 minutes of Swedish massage to target unwanted knots.  For better results, pick one area only.
30 minutes $85

Massage Add-Ons 

Single or combined oils to enhance massage benefits.  Great for detox, circulation, stress, jet lag or other crazed nerves.  Available Oils:  Peppermint, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Cyprus, Rosemary and more.

Warm Parafango
Heat allows the muscle to relax, therefore making the muscle pliable and ready for massage.  Perfect for stiff necks, back or joint pain, tight quads, etc.

Backless Scrub
Great for those who want to show off a smooth and flawless back while sipping Martinis at their favorite hot spot.

Hot Oil Treatment
For your scalp, acupressure massage followed by an application of shine-loving mask to treat hair.

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