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Let's Hear it for the Boys
By Taylor Foley
March 2019




High Tech Injuries: Easy Ways to Protect Your Body
New York Lifestyles
By Gerrie Summers
September 2018




Back Door Prep: More Straight Men Are Anal Bleaching & Shaving. For The Same Reasons We Do?
By Adam Dupuis
Aug 19, 2018




Why Men Are Bleaching and Waxing Their Butts
Men's Health
By Carrie Weisman
Aug 1, 2018




Face to Face
The Tie Guy
By Taylor Camp
July 28, 2018




Protect Your Skin from the Harshness of Summer Travel
Inside Beauty
By Nicole Adamo
July 26, 2018




Rico Suave: Enrique Ramirez on the Business of Beauty
Beautician List
July 18, 2018




How to Double-Cleanse According to Your Skin Type
By Janecho Racho
July 16, 2018




Sick of Shaving? Here's all the Intel on Your Hair Removal Alternatives
Well and Good
By Kells McPhillips
June 18, 2018




6 Tips for Protecting Your Skin This Summer
Edge Media Network
May 26, 2018




Get Younger Eyes at Face to Face NYC
Beauty News NYC
By Patricia Wersinger
May 2018




Sugaring vs. Waxing: Everything You Need to Know
By Maya Allen
April 19, 2018




Skincare for Business Travelers
By Ann Binlot
April 24, 2018




Detergent at the Ready! The Horrifying Reasons Why You NEED to Wash All New Clothing Before Wearing It...
Daily Mail
By Olivia Elgart
April 12, 2018




Best Tips for Body Grooming
Mens Life DC
By Janeca Rocho
March 26, 2018




How to Double-Cleanse According to Your Skin Type
By Janeca Rocho
March 22, 2018




Who Needs Cupid?
Beauty Industry Aims at Self-Purchase to Sweeten Valentine's Day Sales

By Faye Brookman
February 12, 2018




Which Hair-Removal Method (If Any) Is Best For You?
By Cammy Pedroja
February 11, 2018




Shower Talk with Chris Reed
Beefcake Party
By Chris Reed
January 10, 2017




New York Minute Treatment for Ethnic Skin
By Enrique Ramirez
September 2016




The New Meet & Greet
Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa
By Caroline Canetti
April 2016




We Got Anal Bleaching Pros To Answer The Questions You’re Afraid To Ask
Elite Daily
By Izabella Zaydenberg
Feb 3, 2016




Waxed Out: What Does It Take to Get a Smooth Body?
By Justin Miller
July 23, 2015




Problem: Wrinkles
Dec 2014




Is Pubic Hair Making a Comeback?
Men's Health
By Carrie Borzillo
Dec 4, 2014




Homme Improvement
By Enrique Ramirez
June 2014




Intimate Area Discoloration
Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa
By Kelly Fulton-Kendrick
January 2014




How do you use Social Media to Advertise your Business?
October 2013




September 2013




What's Your Recipe for Welcoming Guests Into Your Spa
By Enrique Ramirez
July 2013


18 Things...Video
How About We...
By Walker James
April 30, 2013




18 Things Every Man Should Know Before Getting a Bikini Wax
How About We...
By Walker James
April 30, 2013




The Spa Guru: Enrique Ramirez
My Lifestyle Magazine
By Carlos Mayorga
Spring 2013




The Boys of Beauty
DNA Magazine
By Will Fennell
March 2013




Refining the Man Hunt
DAYSPA Magazine
By Russell A. Jackson
March 2013




Los peores errores que cometemos con nuestra piel
Men's Life Today
January 2013




Wake Up Your Face: Winter Skin-Saving Tips
SheKnows Loving You
By Chad Hayduk
January 3,2013




At Edgy NY Spa, Men Get Lots of Face Time
Business News Daily
By Elizabeth Palermo
December 26,2012




Wonderful World of Wigs #75
Sherry Vine's Dear Diary
December 2012




Homme Renovation
American Spa
November 2012




Shockingly Weird by True:
A New Kind of Bleaching!

Latin Trends
August 15, 2012




Panty Safari...Pejazzeling and Dry T-Shirt Contest
Playboy Morning Show
August 13, 2012




How to Look Cool When it's Hot
Men's Lifestyle Blog
July 30, 2012




Guy Code: Going to the Spa
July 2012




Papá Quiere un Día de Spa
El Diario
By Gisela Crespo
June 17, 2012




One Brave Guy’s Pejazzling Account:
"I Feel Like a New, Fancier, Textured Man"

New York
By Charlotte Cowles
May 15, 2012




Man "Pejazzles" Himself and Describes the Experience
By Editors
May 15, 2012




I Got Pejazzled And Lived To Tell About It
By Gavon Laessig
May 15, 2012




Apparently Guys Really Are Getting Those Brozilians, Says NYT
By Julia Rubin
April 10, 2012




A He-Wax for Him
The New York Times
By Rachel Felder
April 10, 2012




Toward a More Perfect Union...
Here Comes the Groom

March 2012




Face to Face NYC Finds Spa-tastic Niche
Odyssey NY
February 1-14, 2012




The Best Spas
Time Out New York
Edited by Sarah Bruning
January 26, 2012




Go Face to Face with Enrique
and Get Your Winter Glow On

Beauty News NYC
By Susan Romero
January 2012




Businesses Step Up to Woo Gay Weddings
Philadelphia Gay News
By Larry Nichols
October 20, 2011




WAKE UP - And Don't Smell the Coffee
By Beth Levine
November 2011


   Scrub & Glow
CHIC.TV Beauty
November 2011


   Micro Peel Groovy Facial (Bright Bold Fuschi Lip)
CHIC.TV Beauty
November 2011


   Stress Busting Massage
CHIC.TV Beauty
November 2011




10 Best Beauty Tips for Women
from Real Guys (and Experts!)

The Fashion Spot
By Elizabeth Mitchell
October 17, 2011




Boom Time
Spa Week
By Carrie Borzillo
September 2011




"Max and Friends"
LA Talk Radio
By Max Tucci
September 25, 2011




Spa Week and Fashion Indie Team Up
for the Ultimate Beauty Break Room

Mommy Delicious
By Alicia Harper
September 15, 2011




Pamper and Indulge Your Diva-ways for only $50 Dollars
during SpaWeek

The Brand New Mommy
By Karen Taylor Bass
September 13, 2011




The Shape of Things The Ultimate Grooming Guides
September 2011




MetroNow >> Enrique Ramirez
August 2011




Gay Travel Tips: Back to Basics
Ed Salvato
August 16, 2011




Pejazzling Photo Shoot Sneak Peek, Face to Face NYC
Spa Week Daily
July 21, 2011




Brazilian Waxing Gets Manly, Plus Brazilian Safety Tips
By Amy Sung
June 1, 2011




Hangover-Relieving Spa Treatments: Indecent Sweat at Face to Face NYC
Time Out New York
By Elizabeth Denton
May 19, 2011




Man Up
DAYSPA Magazine
By Carrie Borzillo
May 2011




Fringe Benefits: A Guide to Extreme Lashes
Aisle Dash
By Jennifer Tzeses
March 31, 2011




Our 10 Most Metrosexual Latinos!
By Kate Sandoval
March 25, 2011




Microdermabrasion For Your (Not So) Private Parts: How To Be Bikini Suave
The Beauty Bean
By Sierra Fromberg
February, 2011




Afraid of Arousal
Spa Week Daily
By Michelle Joni
January 13, 2011




Sexy Spa Art at Face to Face NYC
Spa Week Daily
By Michelle Joni
January 13, 2011




Face to Face NYC Wins 5 Star "Talk of the Town" Rating
Talk of the Town
December 3, 2010




Live Spa TV: Fall for Spa at Face to Face NYC
Spa Week Daily
By Michelle Joni
September 22, 2010




Working long hours? Take back your weekends
Crain's New York Business
By Anne Field
August 15, 2010




Pamper Yourself
Guide Magazine
July 2010




Getting Started: Dispute Resolution
American Express Merchant Network
July 2010




Scenes from Salon Fridays: Hunky Enrique & Friends
Paper Magazine
By Mr. Mickey
June 9, 2010




Say Spaah...
April 2010




SCENE + HEARD: Face to Face's Enrique Ramirez Keeps Your Bodyscaping Secrets
Next Magazine blog
By Christopher Dilley
April 20, 2010




Face to face with Chelsea spa owner Enrique Ramirez
Chelsea Beauty Examiner
By Candice Jackson
March 12, 2010




Enrique Ramirez Of Face To Face Day Spa Talks Treatments, Anal Bleaching And Gay Marriage
February 17, 2010




Spas for $50 (or Less)
Time Out New York
January 27, 2010




Face to Face NYC Radio Ad
aired on: Question Reality, LA Talk Radio
January 24, 2010




A Look Back at the Year's Sexiest Stories
Pulp Magazine
December 25, 2009




Face to Face with Celebrity Skincare Expert Enrique Ramirez
Pulp Magazine
December 11, 2009




EDGE Presents Mike Ruiz B-Day Celebration
December 11, 2009




IN Holiday Spirit: Face to Face NYC Having a DELUXE Skin Care Session
Out in New Jersey
By William R. Loschiavo
December 2009




New York > Little Black Book > Facials: Face to Face NYC Day Spa
60 BY 80
November 2009




Question Reality with Priscilla Leona
LA Talk Radio
November 8, 2009




Great Body Treatments: Autumn Rub
November 2009




How to Cure the Skin Hangover: with Enrique Ramirez
October 2009




In Touch: Tantalizing Spa Treatments: The Autumn Rub
American Spa
By Heather Mikesell
October 2009




Scene & Heard
Next Magazine
October 9, 2009




Face to Face Spa Owner Enrique's Birthday Party at Grace Hotel
Wilson Models
October 9, 2009




Spas: Autumn Rub
Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa
By Stephen J. Lucin
October 2009




Face to Face Spa
Where To Be Scene
By Chad Kennedy
September 29, 2009




Skin & Food: Asking the Expert
One Smart Brownie
Carolyn Brown
September 27, 2009




Almost Paradise
Kenneth in the (212)
Kenneth M. Walsh
August 27, 2009




Spas & Sport: Face to Face spa specials
Time Out New York
August 18, 2009




Massage without Borders at Face to Face Spa NYC
By Charu Suri
August 17, 2009




The Dirty Hairy Cut for Men at "Face to Face" NYC Day Spa
By Charu Suri
July 30, 2009




Taking It All Off - Part 2
He Said Magazine
July 22, 2009




Heard it Through the Grapevine
Echelon Magazine
July 1, 2009




Father's Day Spa Specials
Time Out New York
By Rachel LeWinter
June 17, 2009




Face to Face NYC Hosts Skin Cancer Screenings With Dr. Eidelman
New York Daily News
June 1, 2009




Real Men Love Spas
By Sarah Colombo
May 2009




Jack Mackenroth fabulous @ 40
Farmboyz / Perge Modo
By Father Tony
May 2, 2009




Glorious Glow
American Spa
May 2009




The New Face of Gay
By Stephen J. Lucin
May/June 2009




Seeking... Spa Week Specials
Time Out New York
April 9-15, 2009




Great Male Treatments: The Buff Rub Dew
April 2009




Homme Renovation
By Stephen J. Lucin
April 2009




Homo Dish: Face To Face Anniversary
February 27, 2009




Giving Face :: Five Years of Face-to-Face Spa
By Mike Diamond (cinematography by Ben Hertzog)
February 2009




How to Cure The Skin Hangover
Just a Guy Thing
February 11, 2009




Ask Spa+: Clients - Dirty Words
February 2009




Raunchy, Yet Classy
February 3, 2009




It's So Hard to Keep Up With the Latest Trends
By Tim Nudd
February 3, 2009




Face to Face Advice: Seasalts in Your Hair
January 21, 2009




Face to Face with Enrique Ramirez
by Martmn Alatorre
December 2008




Face to Face Cure for Skin Hangover
December 11, 2008




Fresh Faced
The Rainbow Times
December 4, 2008 - Jan 7, 2009




Guys' Weird New Habits: Why? Why?
December 2008




Done by a Pore Star!
Gay List Daily
By Jesse Archer
December 12, 2008




Why Your Next Boyfriend May Feel Your Bikini Wax Pain
Daily Bedpost
By Em and Lo
November 13, 2008




Decleor Tightens Men's Line With Essentials Collection
By Matthew W. Evans
October 3, 2008




Inside Look: Face to face NYC
Salon Today
By Lisa Doyle
September 24, 2008




One Week in the Spa with Enrique Ramirez
Spa Plus
October 2008




Spa Tips for Men
Worldwide Spa Review
By Lillian Africano
September 2008




Boy Beauty: How to Cure Your Post-Pride Skin Hangover
3SIXTY Magazine
September 2008




Perfect Ten: This week's new and to-dos
New York Daily News
By Nicole Lyn Pesce
August 11, 2008




Going Bald
Next Magazine
By Brian Moylam
August 8, 2008




Gman New York City: Enrique Ramirez
July/August 2008




Spa Diary :: Homme Improvement
By Mike Diamond
June 20, 2008




Unusual Beauty Treatments
Feast of Fools
By Fausto Fernss
June 6, 2008




The Buzz
Chelsea Now
May 30, 2008




Anti-Aging Interview with Enrique
Derek & Romaine Show
Sirius OutQ
May 20, 2008




Anal Bleaching
Exit (South Africa)
June 2008




Take Root
By Dan Allen
June/July 2008




Outer Limit
Upscale Living
By Carol Patton
Spring 2008




Mini Directory: Men's Grooming
New York
Weddings Issue
Summer 2008




Spas & Salons
IN New York
February 2008




Interview: Best Gay-Owned Spas in America
The Agenda on XM
By Joe Solmonese
January 21, 2008




The Best Gay-Owned Spas in the U.S.
Out Traveler
By Adam H. Graham, Matthew Link, Benjamin Ryan
January 2008




2007 Instinct Annual Grooming Awards
January 2008


Howard Stern (interview)
The Howard Stern Show
December 4, 2007




Anal Bleaching Interview
The Howard Stern Show
December 4, 2007

Listen to Enrique on Howard Stern




Face To Face Goes Full Frontal
Mark Nelson Events
by Mark Nelson
December 6, 2007




SPLASH this week is red hot!
Splash Mailer
by Ray DeForest
December 6, 2007




Shops & Services
IN New York
December 2007




Go to Hell, Jack Frost!
by Sid Andrews
November 30, 2007




Daily Obsession
by perfumed
November 28, 2007




Face to Face, Tratamiento para Embellecer el Cutis
24 Horas
by Pablo J. Gasc
November 2007




The Business of Barter: Make it Work for You
Massage & Bodywork
by Phyllis Hanlon
October/November 2007




Ass You Like It
Time Out New York
by J. Egan and Fareed Mostoufi
October 11, 2007




Mini Directory: Men's Grooming
New York
Weddings Issue
Winter 2008




More Than Just a Massage
by Tracy E. Hopkins
September 27, 2007




Prostate Cancer Awareness Week
HX Insider
September 13, 2007




Ask the Editors
Spa Magazine
September/October 2007




Enrique Ramirez at face to face nyc
as of August 15, 2007




by Mark Peikert
August 10, 2007




National Men's Grooming Day
HX Insider
August 2, 2007




The George Hamilton
American Spa
by A.A.
July 2007




Let's Hear it For the Boy
Corporate & Career Cool
by Rachel C. Weingarten
Wiley Books
July 2007




Butt What About the Face?
Mark Nelson e-newsletter
July 26, 2007




Bulletin Board: Spas & Specials
Time Out New York
July 5-11, 2007




July 2007




Breath of Fresh Air
by Rachel Kurzius
June 22, 2007




Bulletin Board: Mind & Body
Time Out New York
June 21-27, 2007




Best Hair Removal 2007: Editorial Winner
June, 2007




Great Treatments: Signature Facial Treatments
June, 2007




Feel Fresh as a Daisy
Good Housekeeping's Quick & Simple
June 12, 2007




Hurts So Good
by Brian Underwood
Summer 2007




Spa Etiquette for Men
by Dexie
She Knows
May 22, 2007




His Own Sucessful Spa
by Amanda Fornecker
May 17, 2007




Beauty Picks
Juli B
May 15, 2007




Spa Etiquette for Men (and Women)
The Fashionable Housewife
May 14, 2007




Spa Etiquette: Tips Just for Men
May 12, 2007


   Spa Etiquette for Men (interview)
Today Show, NBC
May 5, 2007




Mother's Day Gift Guide
May 14, 2007




Do I Dare to Go Bare?
One Man's Journey from Peaches to Nectarines

by Michael Patrick
May 1, 2007




Spa Etiquette for Men (and Women)
Closet Therapy
May 1, 2007




face to face nyc Editorial Review
by Katie Hefferman
April 30, 2007




in touch menu: Forget Me Knots
American Spa
May 1, 2007




Men and the Spa
Lipstick, Powder 'n Paint
April 26, 2007




Beauty Review: Face to Face NYC Day Spa
by Shecky
April 18, 2007




Ah, Sugar!
by Aly Walansky
March 29, 2007




Boot Camp Facial @ face to face nyc
The Beauty Maven
March 8, 2007




New Year New You
by Ryan Doyle
January 19, 2007




Bi-Onic Men
Next Magazine
January 19, 2007




Facing It
by Donald Charles Richardson
Men's Exercise
August, 2006




Spa Diary: I Feel Good All Over!
by Mike Diamond
May 9, 2006




Next Magazine
January 20, 2006




by Andrew Mersmann
October, 2005




Faces of Health
by Andy Graham
Next Magazine
January 21, 2005


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