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Body Treatments

Shock Wave Treatment  new!
For the cisman with a mild to moderate erection problem. Sound waves combined with the vibration aids in the blood flow to your bestie down below and wakes up your libido to get you back into sleazy action in the bedroom. With a high testosterone and high sperm count afterwards, you'll unveil the previously dormant beast. Yes, treatment is specific to the pelvic region.
45 minutes $200

New Ringtone
This innovative skin bleaching treatment comes directly from our Hollywood friends and is dedicated to those of you with a 'dark side' caused by friction, disgruntled hormones, shaving or hereditary genes. We apply a gentle fruit acid peel to the outer genital areas to lighten you up! As easy as a walk in Central Park on a Sunday afternoon.
30 minutes
Anal: $120

The Dirty Hairy Cut
Escape from the ape with this man-only body hair grooming treatment to trim or shave any long unruly locks. Select the entire body or specific areas only such as back or chest. All clipped hair will be donated to the Hair Club for Men.
Individual areas (15 minutes) $20
Full body (60 minutes) $100

Marble Sac with Shaft Shave
The alternative to waxing below the waist for guys with a low pain threshold. Sit back, relax and get a barber-style shave down below - dick and balls with a pubic hair trim if needed.

Scrub n Glow
This full body scrub is the anti-ingrown hair eliminator or, at least makes those suckers harder to come to the surface. Consider it for waxed skin or to remove dead cell build-up or dry itchy patches. Perfect to keep dry skin winter blues at bay! You decide.
70 minutes $140

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