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The Skin Classic | FOR FLAWLESS SKIN  new!
Direct high frequency technology is an affordable non-laser treatment for minor skin imperfections such as broken capillaries around the nose or cheeks, red moles, skin tags, sun spots, milias, enlarged pores and acne pimples. Skin Classic treatments are quick, and barely touch the surface.
30 minutes $200

Micro Peel Groovy Facial | FOR THE MID- TO YEARLY FACIAL
Facial designed for people with a fast lifestyle - and by that we mean those who only get their skin and pores cleansed once or twice a year! We combine two mega-cleansing technologies: microdermabrasion crystals and a gentle dose of our Retinol peel. Beware fine lines, sun damage, uneven skin tone and blackheads!
90 minutes $200

Power Peel
Full session of microdermabrasion to peel off the deepest skin gaffes with each pass. Not only does power peel benefit wrinkly visages, but it also addresses uneven pigmentation and gray skin. This power peel treatment can also be performed anywhere in the corps where even the best filter can't hide.
60 minutes $150

Micro Needling
Safe and prickly. This quick tiny needle puncture treatment stamps the skin in order to rebuild its foundation, with the help of collagen serum and hyaluronic acid. Recommended to use around the eyes, forehead or jawline. Selfie ready!
20 minutes $80

Y-Chromosome Facial
This facial is dedicated to hippest guys in town! Oversees guy-related concerns such as ingrown hairs, razor burn, and stubborn debris from lack of at-home skin maintenance. Microdermabrasion is included for better 'homme renovations'.
75 minutes $150

Boot Camp Facial | FOR OILY SKIN
Enlist in this treatment to combat oil, breakouts or acne associated with harsh city living.   After a deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, and lots of extractions, treatment is completed with a face massage and an oil control mask.  No more shiny complexion, Soldier!
60 minutes $120

"Facial" for the back or chest.  Excellent for unsightly breakouts!  This relaxing back treatment will clean every clogged pore with extractions and a highly concentrated body peel.  Light massage to shoulders and neck included.
60 minutes starting at $120

Advanced Exfoliation - TCA peels
Exceptional for the treatment of aging skin, acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.
30 minutes $200



Homme Improvement LA
This bliss combo starts with a muscle-melting full body massage and ends with a facial to clear the toughest pores and super hydrate your dry California skin. Say ahhh!
150 minutes $250

Massage without Borders
This massage combo package has everything a massage addict expects - and more! Package comes with serious deep tissue techniques to demolish knots and realign your back. Also, plenty of muscle stretching ("tighty-whities" encouraged for better yoga-like stretches) and foot massage to rebuild heels and metatarsals. Good treatment to combine with your personal training!
100 minutes $200

Feng Shui Massage
A relaxation massage combining Swedish and Shiatsu techniques to relax tight muscles, reduce stress and improve circulation.
60 minutes $140

Ultimate Massage
The best treatment for athletes or weekend warriors.  This deep tissue massage is excellent for stubborn knots or tangled muscles.  Will leave you feeling revitalized and ready to face the next challenge.
70 minutes $150

Shock Wave Treatment  new!
For the cisman with a mild to moderate erection problem. Sound waves combined with the vibration aids in the blood flow to your bestie down below and wakes up your libido to get you back into sleazy action in the bedroom. With a high testosterone and high sperm count afterwards, you'll unveil the previously dormant beast. Yes, treatment is specific to the pelvic region.
45 minutes $200

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