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Hair Removal
Men Only Waxing
Back Only
Lower Back
Back & Shoulder
Shoulder Only
Full Arm
Half Arm
Chest and

Chest Only

Basic Bikini
"South_of_the_Border"pubic area, testicles and penis

"Marble_Sac"_with_Shafttesticles and penis

"Backdoor_Treatment"glutes and in between

"Crackdown"in between glutes

"Full_Moon_Rising"glutes only

Full Leg
Upper Leg
Lower Leg

Note: Your hair needs to be at least 1/4 inch in length for waxing to work. Our Lavender and Chamomile infused wax makes hair removal less painful and cuts down on skin irritation.
Waxing is not recommended for: Accutane users, Retin-A users, if you are sunburned or if you recently had laser treatment .

Post Treatment Care: We highly recommend use of antibiotic ointment for the first 24 hours after hair removal. Afterwards, a gentle fruit acid product can keep ingrown hairs at bay. Both products will be mentioned by our estheticians at the end of your treatment.


Marble Sac with Shaft Shave
The alternative to waxing below the waist for guys with a low pain threshold. Sit back, relax and get a barber-style shave down below - dick and balls with a pubic hair trim if needed.

The Dirty Hairy Cut
Escape from the ape with this man-only body hair grooming treatment to trim or shave any long unruly locks. Select the entire body or specific areas only such as back or chest. All clipped hair will be donated to the Hair Club for Men.
Individual areas (15 minutes) $20
Full body (60 minutes) $100

Scrub n Glow
This full body scrub is the anti-ingrown hair eliminator or, at least makes those suckers harder to come to the surface. Consider it for waxed skin or to remove dead cell build-up or dry itchy patches. Perfect to keep dry skin winter blues at bay! You decide.
70 minutes $140


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